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Show jumping

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Example of a course from Show jumping


Rewards for the best results

Already more €60,000 prizes to be won, more information to come


A plan will be sent to you 3 days before the date of your competition(s). Depending on your arena dimensions, you will be able to compete against clubs with similar facilities. We make kits and send them to you as needed to easily and accurately cross-reference your arena.

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Explanation of the concept of the Riding Cup Show jumping


From 30 to 120cm, in steps of 10cm

3 groups of tests (same course for each):

  • Test heights from 30 to 50cm

    From 30 to 50cm: Course with imposed passages (cones) provoking 4 points if the material is knocked down, moved or not passed.

  • Test heights from 60 to 90cm

    From 60 to 90cm: No imposed passage, the scales can be "speed" or "delayed grand prix". A double makes its appearance.

  • Test heights from 100 to 120cm

    From 100 to 120cm: A second combination appears. A bidet can be added under an obstacle. "Speed" or "delayed grand prix" scales.


  • Obstacle

    Have 12 obstacles (6 oxers and 6 verticals) and at least 42 bars

  • Arena dimensions

    Be able to fit a 65x25m, 55x35m or 70x35m rectangle in your arena

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