Riding Cup

Dressage rectangle

Schéma du positionnement des lettres autour de la carrière de dressage


Rewards for the best results

Already more €60,000 prizes to be won, more information to come


  • Caméra

    Riders must be filmed at the point of view of the C-A axis, between 1 and 5m behind the letter C. This video must accompany the entry and will be judged by two judges who will compose the jury of the event. After deliberation, the protocols are automatically generated and your ranking appears.

Download an example
Explanation of the concept of the Riding Cup dressage


  • Dimensions

    Arena of 60x20m or 40x20m with separation (lices or bars) and visible letters


Club, Amateur, Pro, Free Cycle, Classic Cycle and CCE events.

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  • Réduction
    25% discount
  • Kit de communication
    A communication kit included (containing posters and flyers)
  • Médias spécialisés
    Quote in specialized media

Other disciplines

Find the detailed process for each of the disciplines that can be organized in Riding Cup: