Riding Cup

Test example

Equifeel test example


Rewards for the best results

Already more €60,000 prizes to be won, more information to come


After registration, you will have access to the competition document.

  • Deux tests

    Two tests to be performed per event

  • Caméra

    Film the two tests (1 video per test) with an appropriate viewpoint

  • Téléversement

    Upload your two videos by selecting the chosen contracts in your Competitions area

Your performance will be judged and your protocol generated automatically after deliberation.

Download an example
Explanation of the concept of the Riding Cup equifeel


  • Plot

    Cones, studs, tarpaulin ...

  • Dimensions

    Have a space of at least 20x20m to carry out your tests


From Club 2 to Club Elite, preparatory and mounting tests

For each test:

  • Pénalités

    Some have special penalties or bonuses: refer to the sheets published each month.

Preorder now for Show Jumping, Equifun or Hunter

  • Réduction
    25% discount
  • Kit de communication
    A communication kit included (containing posters and flyers)
  • Médias spécialisés
    Quote in specialized media

Other disciplines

Find the detailed process for each of the disciplines that can be organized in Riding Cup: